Customer Success Story on IPI Project

Customer Success Story on IPI Project

Our customer is a bank and one of the largest in Sharjah, which operates with multiple branches in the United Arab Emirates. The bank offers its clients tailor-made financial services and products, both corporate and retail. It is a leading solutions provider for the growing commercial and industrial base across the United Arab Emirates.

With a customer-centric approach, the bank has established itself as a preferred financial service provider amongst major corporate segments in the United Arab Emirates.

Business Challenge

A healthy and growing economy needs instant availability of funds for transacted goods and services. In order to cater to the growing needs of its customers, the bank needed an instant payment system to process transactions and payment messages in real time as mandated by the Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates. It also required a reliable, robust, and highly available system to provide a satisfactory customer experience by enabling transmission of payment messages and release of funds to the payee in real-time. With a customer-centric and focused approach, the bank set forth with the following objectives to provide the required products and service to its customers:

  • Deploy an instant payment solution that will enhance customer experience and meet regulatory requirements
  • ​​Ensure payment messages and other server-to-server communication flows reliably in real time
  • Assure no-downtime for the mission-critical service

Why choose Unity?

Unity is a pioneer in regulatory payment solutions to banks and financial institutions in the Middle East. With 28 IPI implementations in the Middle East, our product WSlDirect is a state-of-the-art middleware gateway that can be deployed in between downstream/upstream application/payment systems and Central Bank infrastructure. It is an end-to-end solution that allows banks and financial institutions to fast-track implementation of CBWSI and meet aggressive deadlines of CBUAE.

  • Enables seamless integration with back-end systems of the bank with built-in connectors/adaptors
  • Minimizes any change to be done to the existing system, whether it is DDS, FTS, ICCS, WPS, internet banking, mobile banking or in core banking systems
  • Helps banks to configure, monitor, analyze, and report various details based on the interactions between back-end systems and the Central bank with an admin/back-end UI
  • Allows bank users to initiate API messages with additional screens incorporated in the system

The solution

With Unity’s WSlDirect, the existing system was replaced as the bank was able to develop and deploy an instant payment solution that could handle thousands of payments per sec in real time while complying with regulatory requirements on a global scale. Each and every payment transaction was executed with end-to-end validation. The implementation met the objectives set forth by our customer for the mission-critical requirements.