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Tailored payment solutions that you can depend on

Unity’s Payments Hub Platform is a cutting-edge payment platform helping Financial Institutions to orchestrate various payment related modules and its related functionalities. This will aid FI’s to accelerate the digital transformation phase for payments zone in a cost effective and user- friendly manner equipped with local payments as well as international payments. This acts as a centralised hub for all payment modules and in turn interacts with various channels and surrounding systems in the eco system.

Unified Platform

A Payment Platform that processes payments originating from multiple business divisions/channels and is fully agnostic to payments instruments, originating channels, hosting modules and payment networks.

Cloud Native​

Platform is build with fully Cloud Native microservice based architecture which support CI/CD model. Supports deploying infrastructure as code using CI/CD and deploying application using CI/CD.​

Scalable Platform​

A platform built for infinite scale, which helps banks and financial institutions prepare for burgeoning digital payments volumes, as well as enables them to accelerate building complementary capabilities for new waves in payments industry dynamics.​

Open API Platform

A platform that brings together a host of APIs built on Open API standards for fostering collaboration, enables participation in open payments ecosystems, and drives innovation

Global Payment Connector

A platform that has built in connector for SWIFT , Corridor Banking , Bill Payments, Visa, Master etc. Also available with country specific modules (Eg: UAEFTS for UAE, KNPS for Kuwait, eFTS for Bahrain etc).

Payment Core

With build in Core Payment engine for payment orchestration enabled with workflow with optimized process flows. Can easily integrate with Bank’s Internet / Mobile / Corporate/ Branch / Wallets etc. And additionally with Third Party apps, FinTechs, external entities etc.

Dynamic Workflow

Platform is equipped with Dynamic and highly customizable workflow; N-level flexible authorization matrix. And supports Rule based STP / Non-STP flow definition; monitoring queue for messages etc.

Dynamic Message Transformation Platform

A Payment Platform built for dynamic message transformation and mapping irrespective of the payment rails / schemes. Adaptable with all standard payment message formats/standards.

MIS Dashboards

The platform is equipped with various business dashboards which will provide 360 view of payments and will provide end to end tracking of the payments.

Built-In Middleware

A flexible middleware that connects to various networks and internal systems, enhancing interfacing capability with financial institution’s CBS (Core Banking System) thereby minimizing changes to the process flow.

Audit Trail

The platform is equipped with an extensive Audit Trail module. This covers Audit trails (old and new value), user details. MIS information which includes Transaction access history, User profile history, etc.

Add On Modules

The platform is equipped with various add-on modules like Nostro Reconciliation, De-Dupe Engine, Reuters / Bloomberg FX adaptor, Transaction Data Repository, Centralized Charges module etc.