IT Staffing

Unity desire to work with you and serve you with strategic staffing solutions to help fuel your organisation. With unity credible and cost effective staffing solutions, a universal business can avail the best IT talents for on-site job requirements. Our IT staffing services help freeing up customer organisations from overhead tensions of selecting, training and recruiting for important services.

Our employees have a passion for service. We endeavour to give businesses with strategic staffing solutions by hiring top IT professionals who are committed to exceeding client expectations through our unique recruiting process, competing with both technical and interpersonal skills to the requirements of our clients.

We also use social networking platforms to identify and hire the top talent obtainable. We have set up a world class recruiting tool to compile a talent base of prescreened candidates convenient for rapid placement.

Unity Advantage

  • Providing various IT services to 70+ Customers in the GCC in banks, government organizations and large corporates
  • Fastest TAT – dedicated in-house recruitment team for staffing service
  • Better Quality – In house project teams for a variety of skills as technical panel for screening at various levels.
  • Core competency in Software delivery, implementation and maintenance.
  • 100% Customer retention
  • Project Team Installation Experience
  • Cross-technology Platforms & Environments experience
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