Digitising your Credit data submission system

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Unerringly collated

CDSS Pro helps financial institutions to seamlessly collate various information like credit and their income data of individuals and corporates from their legacy applications.

Fully automated

The entire credit data submission process is fully automated with minimal manual intervention. Once the data is collected, CDSS Pro validates and transforms it automatically into an AECB-compatible format

Easily integrated

CDSS Pro comes with inbuilt adaptors that can be enabled to integrate with any backend application through database adaptors, file exchange, and APIs

Why you need CDSS Pro

Credit rating is an analysis of an organisation’s creditworthiness and credit quality. The UAE Ministry of Finance-approved Al Etihad Credit Bureau (AECB) has mandated that all banks, financial institutions, and other creditors submit their credit information on a periodic basis for individuals and companies. The bureau provides value-added services to financial institutions in the shape of credit reports and credit scores, helping them to accurately assess the creditworthiness of their clients.

How CDSS Pro ups your business

Fully automated with data validation and massaging features

Scheduler for automated creation of various Credit Bureau files

Automated processing of files received from the core banking system

Seamless integration of AECB Income data with all legacy systems

Options to send in periodic correction of credit data submission

Loosely coupled engine to accommodate the envisioned changes

Bank benefits from CDSS Pro

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Years of domain experience and successful delivery experience
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Transaction volume handled per annum
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Integrations including expertise in heterogenous integrations

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At Unity, we have the distinction of being a successful and reliable partner for our customers in UAE, Bahrain and Kuwait owing to our suite of enterprise financial products and comprehensive domain knowledge.

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Easily submit and manage your credit information with CDSS Pro

In UAE, Al Etihad Credit Bureau (AECB), an entity established by the UAE's Ministry of Finance, mandatorily requires all banks, financial institutions, and other creditors to submit their credit information regularly.

In turn, the bureau offers these institutions credit scoring, credit reports, and other value-added services, allowing them to analyse creditworthiness quickly and correctly before granting any type of financial facility to its consumers.

CDSS Pro enables financial organisations to effortlessly collect information such as credit ratings of people and corporations from outdated applications. The whole credit data submission procedure is entirely automated, with minimal user intervention.

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