Flawless optimisation of payment platforms

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Fully digitised, advanced banking

Round-the-clock service

Enables faster, highly secure services on a 24/7 basis, allowing banks to stay competent and successful

Flexible and scalable solution

Highly scalable and flexible to integrate with existing banking systems. Designed to enrich user experience

Hassle-free experience

Offers a wide range of services to provide a unique, hassle-free, and user-friendly experience to perform routine transactions unerringly

Why you need Ubank Direct

In this ever-evolving world of technological disruptions, it is imperative for banks and financial institutions to keep pace with the change to adapt to the demands of modern customers. A fully automated, secure, scalable, and simplified payment platform is the need of the hour for businesses.

How Ubank Direct ups your business

Dynamic workflow engine

Secure, scalable, and swift

Multiple levels of configurations and feature extensions

Rich, yet intuitive, user interface designed as per global user-experience studies

Flexible and seamless integration with multiple back-end systems

Features such as SSL and cryptography, multifactor and adaptive authentication, digital certificates, and signatures

Bank benefits from Ubank Direct

Success Indicators

200 +
Years of domain experience and successful delivery experience
300 M+
Transaction volume handled per annum
80 +
100 +
Integrations including expertise in heterogenous integrations

Customer-first approach

At Unity, we have the distinction of being a successful and reliable partner for our customers in UAE, Bahrain and Kuwait owing to our suite of enterprise financial products and comprehensive domain knowledge.

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Why Choose Unity


Redefine banking solutions with Unity’s Ubank Direct, the perfect Internet banking System

The whole world is evolving at a faster pace with the help of innovative technologies. Banks and other financial organizations should also focus on such advanced technical solutions to guarantee clients with improved and hassle-free cash management. A fully digitalized Internet banking System will be the best option. Unity’s Ubank Direct is a revolutionary Digital banking Solution that enables banks and other monetary organizations to enhance their online payment methods. Ubank Direct is indeed one of the best Digitalization platforms for banks that are designed to deliver an ultimate and flawless user experience.

The perfect Internet banking System

Unity’s Ubank Direct, the ultimate Digital banking Solution comes with a wide range of services to provide a unique user experience for the clients. Unity’s Ubank Direct is one of the best Digitalization platforms for banks for many reasons. This Digital banking Solution provides faster highly secured services on a 24/7 basis. The advanced Internet banking System is perfectly crafted to protect funds, make sure there is appropriate business conduct, and for the improvement of overall banking services. Unity’s Internet banking System enables banks and other regulatory institutions for maintaining a healthy and prospective relationship with their clients. This top-notch Digital banking Solution enables clients to perform all their routine monetary activities seamlessly. It is high time that all conventional banks and financial institutions adapt to digitalization platforms for them to stay competent and successful. In this context, one of the best Digitalization platforms for banks is certainly Unity’s Digital banking Solution.

Advantages of using Digitalization platforms for banks

One of the primary advantages of using advanced Internet banking Systems is that banks and financial institutions can focus on faster online payment methods and this, in turn, helps to foster a successful relationship with their potential clients. There is no need to set up an entire IT infrastructure to meet the required goals. The banks just need to install the highly advanced Ubank Direct from Unity and get adapted to the faster and scalable digitalized banking platform. Ecosystem readiness is a crucial factor. Ubank Direct is an innovative and open architecture that enables banks and other regulatory institutions for connecting to their respective ecosystems through APIs and utilize the maximum advantages of modern banking capabilities. Unity’s Ubank Direct is a digitalized banking solution with highly futuristic architecture. The success of a modern digitalized bank depends on its ability to create and operate with the latest internet banking solutions.

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