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What is UPS?

As payment volume and complexities increase at local and global levels, financial institutions need to ensure consistency and accuracy in transactions. Banks incorporate IT systems to quell any possible bottlenecks but they can often be complicated, cumbersome, and expensive

The Unified Payment System (UPS) is a comprehensive solution for financial institutions to streamline and manage their extensive transaction processes. As aUnified payments platform, it consolidates all regulatory payment systems on a single platform. This Unified Payment Hub is easy to install, integrate, and manage, facilitating a range of functions seamlessly, such as Image Cheque Clearing System (ICCS), Direct Debit System(DDS), Funds Transfer System (FTS), Wages Protection System (WPS) and Immediate Payment Instruction – Web Service Interface(WSI)

Why UPS is the best solution for your business?

  • A web-based lightweight Unified payments platform that is easy to deploy and maintain
  • Scalable & modular architecture to accommodate multiple systems
  • Trouble-free switching between payment modules such as FTS, ICCS, WPS, DDS, WSI
  • Real-time monitoring with dashboards and reporting
  • Seamless online integration capabilities for channel integrations

With Unified payment system, banks can:

  • Single & common user interface with definable transaction access
  • Ensure efficient processing with flexible & configurable workflow
  • Enable business continuity with independent module maintenance
  • Save major costs on infrastructure

Hassle-free solution that is easy to install, integrate, & manage

Combine all regulatory payment methods into a single platform with Unified payment system

The volume of monetary transactions is always increasing at both local and international levels. Therefore it has become a major priority for leading financial organizations and banks to guarantee accuracy and uniformity in all their fiscal transactions. This is why they require a Unified payments platform. Most of the time Banks seek the technical support of integrated IT solutions for overcoming holdups. However such measures can be costly, troublesome, and might not provide the desired results..


Unity’s Unified Payment System, UPS is indeed the best all-inclusive Unified payments platform designed for banks and financial organizations to successfully handle a wide range of monetary functions. With this Unified Payment Hub at service, they can effectively manage their widespread transaction procedures in a highly streamlined manner. The installation process is easy. Unified Payment System can be used for easily carrying out activities like Funds Transfer System (FTS), Direct Debit System (DDS) Image Cheque Clearing System (ICCS), Wages Protection System (WPS), and Web Service Interface (WSI)

Why go for the Unified payments platform

Safe payment channels and quick turnaround time is what clients always expect as monetary payment platforms are on a constant evolutional process. In this context, the Unified Payment System, can be considered as an effective, fast and foolproof method to carry out different types of money transactional activities. This Unified payments platform can be effortlessly installed and deployed across all banks and financial organizations. Unified Payment System comes with a highly scalable architecture that makes it a perfect option for getting integrated with multiple systems. With this Unified Payment Hub at service, financial institutions can do real-time monitoring and make use of the accurate dashboards for prompt reporting

Other benefits of the Unified payments platform

UPS is a web-based all-inclusive Unified Payment Hub that is easy to manage and maintain. Enhanced effectiveness and minimized infrastructural costs are also the beneficial factors of the Unified Payment System. One of the major advantages of this Unified Payment Hub is that all the monetary functions can be carried out through both single and common user interface with controlled transaction access. Banks can make sure all the processing works are flexible and enable the customers to enjoy a smooth workflow. With the Unified Payment Hub at service, financial institutions can ensure optimal business continuity. Unity’s UPS enables the banks to carry out all the money transactions in a highly safe environment. Unified Payment System is highly compatible with numerous financial applications and makes all major money transaction procedures much faster.

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