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What is RTGS Pro?

The global economy depends on highly sophisticated banking solutions for their valuable transactions. The Central Bank of Bahrain (CBB) established Real‐Time‐Gross‐Settlement (RTGS) as the standard for large‐value interbank funds transfers to improve efficiency and reduce risk. RTGS system is implemented to provide payment, securities and enquiries message exchange via VPN network in addition to SWIFT network. A modern, efficient and reliable payment solution became an essential requirement for all banks in Bahrain.

RTGS Pro is leveraged with a flexible routing logic to differentiate foreign transfer messages from local transfer messages and can switch automatically between VPN network and SWIFT networks. The system can handle very high volumes of high-value domestic and international payments with great efficiency. The electronic delivery mechanism ensures secure delivery of payment orders to the central bank and delivers payments and confirmations to the participants. The modular architecture supports multiple systems and channels integration.

With the unique solution, RTGS Pro, tailor-made to cater to the CBB RTGS requirements Unity has won the confidence of many prominent banks in Bahrain. With many implementations, Unity has come out as the most trusted RTGS partner for banks in Bahrain. The user-friendly interface helps banks ease out operations and reconciliation processes.RTGS Pro can be integrated with Anti Money Laundering (AML) system for the identification and blocking of payments involving fraudulent parties listed on AML lists.

Why RTGS Pro is the best solution for your business?

  • Proven capabilities of interfacing with all leading Core Banking Systems
  • Tried & tested, readily available pluggable RTGS module
  • User friendly GUI for RTGS message initiation and routing
  • Supports all the messages regulated by CBB RTGS
  • Support multi-currency – BHD, USD payments based on CBB RTGS regulations
  • Dashboard for monitoring and reconciliation purpose.
  • SWIFT adaptor to enable local & international message routing.
  • Easy & readily available host interface plug-in adaptors
  • Independent module maintenance enabling business continuity
  • Huge cost savings on Core Banking System changes and multiple channel integrations
  • Effective time frame management

Ready to adopt RTGS Pro?