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What is InstaRemit?

InstaRemit is a robust platform that enables online money transfer. It is an easy-to-use, user-friendly web-based solution, which allows customers to make remittances online with a click of a button. Moreover, one can also access online services provided by the exchange houses without having to visit a branch. This Instant Payment system also offers customers end-to-end services of foreign currency exchange, international, or local money transfers.

Built and developed by industry experts and techno-functional specialists, InstaRemit stands ahead with rich features addressing the specific needs of the industry. This Instant remittance system is appropriate for businesses around the world.

Why InstaRemit is the best solution for your business?

InstaRemit is built with a virtue of completely digitalizing money exchange business and operations for the exchange houses. Our digital remittance platform enables the exchange houses to streamline business processes and seamlessly integrates with back end systems. Our Instant remittance System empowers business by:

  • Optimizing the profits by broadening your business reach with new customers
  • Reducing dependency on branch locations and their associated expenses

With InstaRemit, exchange houses will be able to provide seamless integration capability with their backend core systems enabling flexibility with various payment methods such as:

  • Direct debit
  • Net Banking via UAEPGS
  • Remit via card, or a facility to block the preferred rates to visit the branch for payment

Upgrade to InstaRemit for quick online money transfers!

Instant payment system for swift online money transfer

Unity’s InstaRemit is a unique Instant payment system designed for swift online money transfer. Just with a single click, fast online remittances can be made with the help of this user-friendly web-based Instant payment system. Be it for local and international fund transfers or exchange of foreign currency, Unity’s Instant payment system InstaRemit will make it all happen in a steadfast and hassle-free manner. The technically advanced Instant payment system is developed with the expertise of veterans in this field with the main objective of accomplishing all the modern-day monetary functions in a highly effective way.

What makes InstaRemit the best Instant remittance system?

Banks and financial institutions can use this Instant remittance system to the best of their advantage by widening their business reach with prospective clients. Faster delivery time is one of the best advantages of using this Instant remittance system. All the money transfers are made easily and quickly and there is a dedicated 24/7 support team who can provide prompt technical assistance in case of any emergency. With Unity’s Instant remittance system, sending and receiving money is made easy, fast, and highly secured.  True to the name, InstaRemit is indeed the best technical solution created for instant money transfers. With the help of this unique Instant remittance system from Unity, banks and other financial institutions can enjoy competitive foreign exchange rates. Transparency is another significant aspect of using InstaRemit for fund transfers. The fees charged for the money transfer can be easily viewed on this Instant remittance system and this clearly shows that there are no hidden charges incurred. InstaRemit enables wire transfers that are secured and fast from one bank account to another bank account.

Easy to follow instructions

It is very easy to carry out the fund transfer process with the unique Instant payment system. There is the initial sign up process followed by account verification. Then comes the setting up of the actual money transfer by providing the precise amount of money to be transferred with the proper information of the recipient. Then comes the tracking of the money transfer and finally the fund reaches its right destination. Nothing can go wrong with the fund transfer initiated with this instant payment system as the entire process can be tracked by viewing the transaction history. If required, there is a time frame for canceling the fund transfer. However, the cancellation will not be possible once the money transfer gets initiated.

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