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What is ICCS Pro?

ICCS (Image based cheque Clearing System) is the process that enables images of cheques and the data to be captured and exchanged between banks, through the Image Clearing System. The Image Cheque Clearing System was introduced by UAE Central Bank with an objective to improve clearing cycles of cheques and streamline the local clearing. In order to participate in the UAE Cheque Imaging Solutions, banks will need to have technologically advanced, flexible, efficient and robust payment applications. Staying away from the conventional client server based applications, Unity pioneered an innovative web-based ICCS pro application for the participating banks and NBFCs in UAE. Many of the banks in UAE have already embraced the robust cheque image clearing system in a short span of time.

ICCS Pro is an easy, smooth and cost effective way to ensure your business as ICCS compliant. This break-through approach means that every patch deployment for a bank at its main branch reflects automatically across all its branches. CTS cheque clearing is an initiative that brought about millions of cost savings for our banking clients. An enterprise level payment presentment and settlement platform for a multi-branch banking organization.With a flexibility to achieve utmost automation, is one of the unique features of all our applications, ensuring additional savings on support staff maintenance. The integration of Image based cheque clearing system with all the popular cheque scanners, ensures a smooth transition and minimal switch costs with respect to existing hardware and infrastructure, for clients switching to our system.

ICCS Pro is a scalable, robust, secure, efficient, modular, reliable, easy to use, automated, parameterized, and functionally rich enterprise payment presentment and settlement software suite.

Why ICCS Pro is the best solution for your business?

ICCS Pro is designed considering the valuable feedback from the banking community and hence incorporates unique features and benefits.

  • Web based cheque image clearing system
  • Simplified, secure and fast payments
  • Fully automated cheque imaging solutions without any cumbersome paper based processes
  • Offers seamless integration with all major core banking systems enabling straight through processing
  • The option for chargeback/redeposit decisions from online screens
  • Low operational cost and increased revenue
  • No physical storage and reduced manual intervention
  • Easy integration with multiple applications and multiple end points
  • Automatic IBAN generation & cheque endorsing feature
  • Real time dashboards to track the complete lifecycle of every process
  • Plug and Play with all leading cheque scanners
  • Robust and flexible workflow engine
  • Automated signature integration enables user to verify signatures easily
  • On-Us module can be used as primary application for teller clearing or back office application
  • Flexible user management and security
  • Comprehensive reporting capabilities

Boost your check clearance now with ICCS Pro!

Streamline Cheque Clearing with our Image Cheque Clearing System

Cheque clearing in UAE has entered another era via the new cheque clearing solution online called ‘Image based cheque clearing system’. The new ‘image cheque clearing system’ which is fully electronic has already become operational linking all the banks in UAE. With this cheque image solution, the cheques can be cleared within a few hours. This duration was gradually reduced as the banks became accustomed with the CTS cheque image system. The cheque image clearing system enables the CTS cheque clearing faster, within hours.Unity’s cheque imaging and truncation system – ICCS, is capable of electronic clearing of cheques irrespective of where they are presented.

Clearing of cheques through traditional system took between 2 to 6 days earlier. With the check truncation system, there is a cheque archive facility at the Central Bank which will be made available to all banks in UAE. This new cheque imaging solution had enabled the storage of cheques for fewer years, but has been extended when the image based cheque clearing system became operational for sometime.

Providing end to end cheque imaging solutions, the image based cheque clearing system comes armed with functionalities for all phases involved with CTS cheque clearing such as outward clearing, inward clearing, Postdated cheques, return of outward, return of inward, Onus cheques processing, Corporate cheque capture and reconciliation. Based on the experiences, research and development investments that Unity has attained over the years in cheque imaging solutions, we have launched the state of the art advanced version of our existing ICCS solution “ICCS Corporate”.

Over the last few years since check truncation system was executed in UAE, we have seen the cheque image clearing system evolved in many banks and collected their valuable feedback, learnt it thoroughly and developed ICCS Pro integrating vast set of features, performance aids and best practices of those banks into this cheque imaging and truncation system.

Unity pride itself in aiding banks streamline and cater the rising customer demand and attain substantial savings in IT support expenses. The CTS cheque imaging system leverages our wide experience from working with many leading banks in the country.

In spite of banking industry forecasts of the expiry of cheques, they remain one of the major payment methods in many countries. The Image Cheque Clearing System (ICCS) signifies the contemporary way of processing traditional paper-based payment methods. A few countries across the globe provide CTS cheque clearing using similar technology. In 2003, Singapore, had introduced an image based cheque clearing system, and was a forerunner in this field. The other country who have employed cheque truncation system is USA. ICCS or Image based cheque clearing system signifies a key step forward in the operation of the Central Government Strategy to use electronic schemes and technology to enhance speed, competence and security of transactions happening in the UAE

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