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What is FTS Pro?

FTS Pro is Unity Infotech’s all in one solution for all the fund transfer requirements of UAE banks, NBFCs and exchange houses, adhering to all regulations prescribed by the Central Bank of UAE. FTS Pro improves payment and returns processing for all electronic payments within UAE. FTS Pro is unique that it facilitates connectivity between banks via Central bank easier to make easy domestic transactions. This application can be easily integrated with the bank’s existing core system and offers customized interfacing with diverse and legacy banking systems.

Since FTS Pro has an unique capability to differentiate foreign transfer messages from local transfer messages, the domestic transaction messages would be taken into the system for further processing and the foreign transaction messages would be routed back to the associated SWIFT system, automatically. The intelligence of this critical system in seamlessly interfacing with multiple systems has revolutionised the concept of UAE FTS. With an extraordinary 22 implementations, Unity has come out as the most trusted FTS partner for banks & NBFCs in UAE.

Why FTS Pro is the best solution for your business?

  • Simple and easy domestic payments in UAE
  • Seamless posting of entries to Core banking system
  • Interfaces to communicate with core banking system and other back end systems
  • Supported with multiple interfaces
  • Support all types of local transfer messages
  • Real-time integration with bank’s AML system
  • Multiple integration mechanisms with various CBS
  • Easy interface with e-Banking / mobile banking and other external channels
  • Complete automation for inward payment cycles
  • Wide-ranging extensive modes of integration
  • 15+ years of domain expert consultants
  • Conversion of standard SWIFT messages into the proprietary message format mandated by Central Bank enabling minimal changes in CBS
  • Automatic file transfer to & from CBUAE
  • GUI to initiate transfers from branches / middleware to messages initiated from CBS & external channels.

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