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What is EFTS Pro?

The Electronic Fund Transfer System (EFTS) is the most popular payment method in Bahrain introduced by the Central Bank of Bahrain. This system works by interconnecting all retail banks in Bahrain to enhance the efficiency of the fund transfers ,bill payments and direct debits, enabling banks, individuals, corporate and government entities to benefit from project.

The EFTS encapsulates three distinct services that work to provide a transformation in banking processes for the convenience of all types of consumers in the country.

  • Fawri+ is an almost real-time fund transfer service which allows individuals or entities to transfer funds of up to BD 1,000 per day in less than 30 seconds. The system is active 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year.
  • Fawri is a deferred settlement fund transfer service which allows individuals or entities to transfer any amount of money within just a few hours of the business day.
  • Fawateer, the third service, aggregates bills from multiple billers and presents those bills to the individuals or entities in a single interface. Fawateer provides real-time bill payments that can easily be settled within 30 seconds.

EFTS Pro is Unity’s mile stone solution for all the fund transfer requirements adhering to all regulations prescribed by the Central Bank of Bahrain.

Why EFTS Pro is the best solution for your business?

  • Enables FI to send/receive fund transfers and bill payments through NRT and DNS modes
  • Enables institutions to perform as a direct debit biller, bill processor
  • Supports all messages pertaining to biller as regulated by CBB EFTS
  • Validations adhering to CBB EFTS rules
  • Handles all the transaction regulations of Central Bank (Cut off times,  Turn-around times, Value date etc)
  • Flexible integration with IB/MB for sending payments through STP.
  • Real time integration with Online Billers for instant bill enquiry and Payments
  • Dynamic Biller list loading
  • Multiple in built integration adaptors for legacy systems / channels
  • Seamless integration for BenefitPay
  • Seamless bulk salary transfers from branch / channels.
  • Auo scheduling of Direct debits
  • Scalable architecture with loosely coupled interface adaptors
  • Automatic SMS / Email Notification engine
  • AML system integration.
  • Auto reconciliation feature with MT 970 report
  • Intutive business and Operations dashboard
  • Huge cost savings on Core Banking System changes and multiple channel integrations
  • Highly client centric model

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