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What is E-Cheque Direct?

E-Cheque is a new initiative by the Central Bank of Bahrain enabled by BENEFIT Co. E-Cheque ecosystem enables banks to provide this service to the individuals and the corporate. Customers can register and subscribe for this service through banks, request for an electronic cheque book further enabling issuance and presentment of the cheque electronically.

Advanced concept of E-Cheque, enables banks to avoid hassles of issuance and depositing a paper cheque and thereby enabling customers to transact from anywhere in the world. Unity’s E-Cheque Direct is a cryptographic solution that replaces paper-based cheque with an electronic record digitally signed by the E-Cheque system. This system is easy to use and highly secure with QR authentication capabilities to encrypt and decrypt critical data.  

E-Cheque Direct is a user friendly web based application, providing an end to end solution for E-Cheque. It caters to the complete life cycle of an e-cheque right from registering the customers, cheque book issuance, depositing an off-us cheque with an end to end on-us cheque clearing. E-Cheque Direct integrates well with bank’s core banking systems. With E-Cheque Direct system, banks in Bahrain can ensure that each E-Cheque payment done is easier, cheaper and faster than ever before. 

Why E-Cheque Direct works best in Bahrain?

  • Automated web based E-cheque clearing system
  • Easy to use, highly secure system with QR authentication capabilities to encrypt and decrypt critical data
  • Integrates well with all major payments and banking systems
  • Allows complete life cycle of cheque – registration, issuance to presentment and clearing
  • Our domain expertise in cheque clearing with 22 implementations in the UAE
  • Extensive integration capabilities -quicker implementation
  • End to end automation
  • Cost effective customisation
  • Auto reconciliation with extensive reporting
  • Configurable charges module
  • Built-in interface adaptors
  • Scalable architecture / channels integration

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