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What is DDS Online?

DDS Online, an extension of DDS Pro, is a direct debit system for banks and financial institutions for serving corporate clients. The direct debit management system is convenient as it helps your client to avoid queuing at banks to manage your collections/receivables. DDS Online is an extended service banks can offer to your customers which is a secured automated payment process to manage recurrent collections/receivables.

Corporates can setup and manage direct debit setups and further efficiently manage their funds through Direct Debit System Online. Corporates can receive real time notification, of your upcoming payments, before the payment due date. With this online direct debit system your clients are now empowered to track and manage their funds and payments better, with less paper-work, manual intervention and other hassles with greater transparency.

Why DDS Online is the best solution for your business?

  • Simple and easy to use direct debit management system
  • Advanced portal with dashboard & analytics for real time funds tracking
  • No more late payments
  • Simple and secure workflow
  • Regular, timely collections
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Better control of your cash flow
  • Increased customer retention
  • Comprehensive reporting

Ready to get started with DDS Online?

Manage recurrent collections/receivables for Corporates with DDS Online

The introduction of the UAE Direct debits is capable of increasing transparency, eliminate paperwork, nearly reduces cheques and save time as well as enhance operational efficiency of the banking sector in serving the retail customers in the UAE. Unity’s Direct Debit System is a safe and convenient system of making payments and is preferably suited for recurring payments with fixed or variable amounts like loan repayments, utility bills, and insurance subscriptions. The Direct Debit Management systems which has been functional in developed counties is not a new system for UAE. Direct Debit System is a direct debit management system for banks which is an automated monthly payment solution. This online direct debit system has been used by people all around the world for transactions such as payment of utility bills, school fees, loan repayments, and more.

Regulated by the UAE Central Bank, the Direct Debit Management systems lets the banks and merchants to provide customers a convenient method to do payments and purchases. Unity’s Direct Debit System is the way to manage your regular payments.

UAE Direct debits is the solution to the challenge caused by post-dated cheques. issuing post-dated cheques for rent is still usual in UAE, which is considered outdated. Permitting renters, especially people who are new to the country, to pay monthly rentals makes more costly properties more exclusive. A new expat who is being a monthly payer would not have enough funds to pay an advance payment towards four months’ rent.

Moreover, school fees, debts, property service charge, car loans, insurance subscriptions, and many other recurring expenses we either pay onetime or use cheques for, can be handled by UAE Direct debits. With UAE Direct debits, it is even possible to manage current monthly payments like fuel bills and gym subscriptions all from a single convenient platform. It’s simple for the customers, and the Direct Debit System has made it way more simpler for the banks where they no longer require to process several cheques per month! It is also overbearing to shift to monthly invoicing for VAT chargeable items like Service Charges. Unity’s Direct Debit Management is perfect online direct debit system for monthly payment collection.

Direct Debit Management systems are commonly used all across the globe and has been operational since the last century. UAE Direct debits is a simple, safe and fully automated system. Only a one time set up is needed for a direct debit management system. It is also convenient as the customers avoid awaiting in queues at banks, exchange houses, cash deposit machines and or walking in at post office to make the card transactions.

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