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What is DDS Pro?

The Central Bank of UAE has made it mandatory for banks and merchants to implement the Direct Debit System (UAEDDS) which allows the banks better serve their clients with a convenient way to manage their recurring payments and purchases. UAEDDS can facilitate the payment of utility bills, repayments of loans, mortgages, credit cards and more. UAEDDS has brought a massive change in the way banks do their business. Direct Debit automated monthly payment facility has been used by millions of people all around the world.

Unity launched DDS Pro, built on its most stable and secure Uniweb framework, to help banks participate seamlessly in this central bank initiative. Using our intuitive dashboard you can track Direct Debit mandates and the complete lifecycle of a payments, if you are the sponsoring bank. The recurring payments would be collected automatically from the paying bank on the selected date by communicating with the Central Bank without any hassle.

While bank is acting as a paying bank, DDS Pro helps you automate your complete inward payment cycle while seamlessly interfacing with the core. DDS Pro being built on a robust architecture provides the flexibility to define the business controls to keep it STP or with a completely customizable workflow.

Why DDS Pro is the perfect solution for your business?

  • Simple, secure and fully automated system
  • Seamless integration with core banking systems and other systems
  • One stop solution for your corporate, retail banking direct debit needs
  • Auto schedule option for direct debit
  • End to end processing of full cycle of DDS
  • Flexibility to interface with bank’s customers ERP system while acting as a sponsoring bank ensuring complete automation
  • Easy to use data input screen with image capture for registration for DDS compliance
  • Discreet graphical dashboard for business and technical needs
  • Complete modules for originators, sponsoring and paying bank modules
  • Multi-channel notification for payers and sponsors
  • 2-way reconciliation for payments
  • Secured ‘Host to Host’ connectivity for automatic Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) integration

Ready to get started with DDS Pro?