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What is CDSS Pro?

Consumers are the profit deciding factor of any business and so are customer credit score and payment behaviours to banks and financial organisations. In UAE, Al Etihad Credit Bureau (AECB), an entity established by the UAE’s Ministry of Finance mandatorily requires all banks, financial institutions, and other creditors submit their credit information on a periodic basis for individuals and corporate. In turn the bureau provides these institutions with credit scores, credit report and other value added services helping them to promptly and accurately assess the credit worthiness before providing any kind of financial facility to their customers.

CDSS Pro helps the financial institutions to collate various information of individuals and corporate from their legacy applications seamlessly. Once data is collated, CDSS Pro validates and formulates the data inAECB format which is sent to AECB automatically. The entire process is fully automated with minimal manual intervention. CDSS Pro comes with inbuilt adaptors which can be enabled to integrate with any backend application through database adaptors file exchange, APIs etc. The solution has been implemented in many large banks in UAE.

Why CDSS Pro is the best solution for your business?

  • Fully automated system with data validation and messaging features
  • Seamless integration with all your legacy systems
  • Better business decision, reducing risky lending decisions
  • Automated processing of files received from Core banking system
  • Scheduler for automated creation of various Credit Bureau files
  • Automated SFTP (push & pull) of files
  • Validation engine to ensure correctness & consistency of data
  • Service to check & send only the corrected data for error items as Mode=C
  • Options to send in periodic & correction submission
  • Loosely coupled engine to accommodate the envisioned changes
  • Mapping maintenance available to map &maintain the codes as per Core System & Central bank

Renovate your credit system with CDSS Pro!