Simplifying fund transfer system in the UAE

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electronic solution

Easy integration and customisation

FTS Pro can be integrated into your existing core banking systems, enabling you to automate and customise your entire back-end processes

Versatile and efficient

A versatile routing logic to differentiate foreign transfer messages from local transfer messages that can switch automatically between VPN networks and SWIFT networks. The system can handle large volumes of domestic and international payments with great efficiency

Trusted and scalable

Trusted by banks across the GCC, FTS Pro easily adapts to evolving technology and facilitates seamless transfer of funds between banks and financial institutions in the UAE

Why you need FTS Pro

FTS Pro is Unity’s robust, centralized Funds Transfer Solution (FTS) that streamlines payment processing and real-time returns for UAE banks, NBFCs, and exchange houses, while adhering to all regulations prescribed by the Central Bank of UAE. It facilitates connectivity between banks via the Central Bank for smoother and faster domestic transactions.

How FTS Pro ups your business

Simple and easy domestic payments

Seamless posting of entries to Core Banking System (CBS)

Supports all types of local transfer messages

Real-time integration with a bank’s AML system

Multiple integration mechanisms with various CBS

Complete automation for inward payment cycles

Automatic file transfer to and from CBUAE

Conversion of standard SWIFT messages into the proprietary message format mandated by the Central Bank, enabling minimal changes in CBS

Bank benefits from FTS Pro

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200 +
Years of domain experience and successful delivery experience
300 M+
Transaction volume handled per annum
80 +
100 +
Integrations including expertise in heterogenous integrations

Customer-first approach

At Unity, we have the distinction of being a successful and reliable partner for our customers in UAE, Bahrain and Kuwait owing to our suite of enterprise financial products and comprehensive domain knowledge.

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Simplifying the Fund Transfer System in UAE

The UAE Funds Transfer System (UAEFTS) hosted by the Central Bank of the UAE has been operational since 2001. The Electronic Fund Transfer Solution facilitates the transfer of funds between banks and other financial institutions in the UAE as well as Local Fund Transfer UAE via their accounts held with the Central Bank. The objective is to offer a funds transfer system for banks that enables entities of all sizes to participate, irrespective of their size or nature of business.

In Fund Transfer System UAE, the Processing and final settlement of transfer instructions take place incessantly, in real time. Once a transfer request is processed, the funds transfer solution sends a message to all participants affected by the transfer.

The UAEFTS offers full straight through processing (STP) of payment requests by allowing processing of given message formats by means of Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP). Moreover, to this UAEFTS also permits messages to be keyed-in by means of a web-browser interface named the UAEFTS Transactions & Enquiry Portal. The Electronic Fund Transfer Solution functions as Real Time Gross Settlement System allowing the implementation of transactions much quicker than the present system. Central Bank of UAE FTS supports online request, removes paper-based transactions and is operative for bulk processing of Local Fund Transfer UAE.

Unity’s FTS Pro has a unique capability to differentiate foreign transfer messages from local transfer messages, the domestic transaction messages would be taken into the funds transfer systems for banks for further processing and the foreign transaction messages would be routed back to the associated SWIFT system, automatically. The intelligence of this critical Electronic Fund Transfer Solution in seamlessly interfacing with multiple systems has revolutionized the concept of Central Bank of UAE FTS. With an extraordinary 22 implementations, Unity has come out as the most trusted FTS partner for banks & NBFCs in UAE.

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