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The most revolutionary and trusted EFTS solution in Bahrain

Round-the-clock service

Active 24 hours a day, the system provides real-time bill payments that can be settled within a few hours or as less as sixty seconds, depending on the amount of funds to be transferred

Easily integrated and customised

EFTS Pro can be easily integrated into the core banking system, enabling complete automation and customisation of the back-end processes, without needing to change the entire structure

Unlimited money transfers

Allows individuals or entities to transfer any amount of money within just a few hours of the business day without any restrictions

Why you need EFTS Pro

The Electronic Fund Transfer System (EFTS), introduced by the Central Bank of Bahrain in association with The Benefit Company, works by interconnecting all retail banks in Bahrain to enhance the efficiency of the fund transfers, bill payments, and direct debits. This is highly beneficial for banks, individuals, corporates, and government entities. EFTS Pro is Unity’s revolutionary solution for all electronic funds transfer systems for Bahrain banks, adhering to all regulations prescribed by the Central Bank of Bahrain.

How EFTS Pro ups your business

Dynamic biller list loading

AML system integration

Highly client-centric model

Validations adhering to CBB EFTS rules

Seamless integration for Benefit Pay

Automatic SMS/Email notification engine

Scalable architecture with loosely coupled interface adaptors

Auto reconciliation feature with MT 970 report

Intuitive business and operations dashboard

Multiple in-built integration adaptors for legacy systems/channels

Flexible integration with net banking/mobile banking(IB/MB) for sending payments through STP.

Real time integration with online billers for instant bill enquiry and payments

Bank benefits from EFTS Pro

Success Indicators

200 +
Years of domain experience and successful delivery experience
300 M+
Transaction volume handled per annum
80 +
100 +
Integrations including expertise in heterogenous integrations

Customer-first approach

At Unity, we have the distinction of being a successful and reliable partner for our customers in UAE, Bahrain and Kuwait owing to our suite of enterprise financial products and comprehensive domain knowledge.

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Simplifying the Fund Transfer System in Bahrain

Central Bank of Bahrain (CBB), in association with The Benefit Company (BENEFIT), had introduced an improved payment system known as Electronic Fund Transfer System (EFTS). The purpose of the fund transfer system is to further enhance the payment framework in the Kingdom of Bahrain by minimising the transaction time.

The Electronic Fund Transfer System (EFTS) is a fund transfer system in Bahrain that connects all retail banks in Bahrain which shall improve the efficacy of the fund transfers and bill payments; enabling banks, individuals, corporate and governmental entities to profit from this dynamic and significant project. Bahrain FTS is accessible through the banks' several channels such as branches, internet banking, and mobile banking. The funds transfer solution Bahrain will improve and restructure the movement of funds in Bahrain across all segments which shall endorse a more efficient and proactive banking sector.

There are 3 key services of the Bahrain EFTS, which are as follows:

Fawri+ is a near real time funds transfer solution Bahrain which allows customers/corporate to transfer funds up to BD 1,000 per day in less than 30 seconds 24*7*365.

Fawri is a deferred settlement fund transfer system Bahrain which lets customers/corporate to transfer any amount within a few hours in the business day.

Fawateer provides real time Local Fund Transfer Bahrain, bill payments and enquires which allows the customer to pay the bills within 30 seconds. Fawateer also facilitates Direct Debit service which automates bill payments.

About BENEFIT – BENEFIT exclusively support banking and financial segment but also the government, SMEs and other private sector entities. BENEFIT endeavours to make synergy in financial services through enabling Fintech and launching strong alliances with different stakeholders. Given these strategic goals, BENEFIT has established a Fintech lab.

EFTS Pro is Unity’s milestone Electronic Fund Transfer System for all the funds transfer systems for Bahrain banks adhering to all regulations prescribed by the Central Bank of Bahrain.

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